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It’s not shrimp at Purple Mint

Vegan Asian eatery makes it fast casual in Linda Vista

There’s a controversial ingredient on my rice noodles: cilantro. Most of us love the citrusy, parsley-like herb, which grows from coriander seeds. About ten percent of us think it tastes like soap. I’m firmly entrenched ...

Fly to Taos from Carlsbad

Tickets to ski before March 29

The Eastern Sierra town of Mammoth Lakes spends thousands of dollars each year subsidizing fares on several airlines, trying to get San Diegans to fly into the popular ski resort. However a new airline flying ...

Some Point Loma streets fixed, others ignored

Dupont between Gage and Silvergate you'll see a lot of new ditches

More than a few who live in Point Loma are fed up with the nonsensical way some streets and alleys in the wooded area paved while others remain ignored. One example is the Chatsworth alley ...

Mira Mesa – what there is to love

Casa Mira View, Caltrans plans, local deer, temperature, large cylinders on hill, most wretched part of San Diego

Mira Mesa braces for mega population growth The decades-old Vulcan mining operation on nearly 300 acres of Carroll Canyon will be a huge housing project if developers' lobbying efforts are successful. Bordered by Mira Mesa ...