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Murder for Two, Fresh Sound: Carl Stone

Events February 9-February 12, 2020

Sunday | 9 Murder For Two Officer Marcus Moscowicz is a small-town policeman with dreams of becoming a full-fledged detective. One fateful night, at a surprise birthday party for the great American murder novelist Arthur ...

The road to Cádiz, Spain

The ancient port city greeted us just as the sun was setting beyond its narrow streets.

Sometimes an adventure shifts your perspective and uproots your priorities. For me, that adventure was a road trip through Portugal and Spain in September. The story begins in Lisbon, Portugal: My friends picked up me ...

Best Reader stories from 2002

Normal Heights, TJ morgue, Dad's in Poway, Waldorf School, bird atlas, Cheetah's, tugboats

He's sad for ships DeRosset doesn’t speak abstractly about his work. He’s a storyteller. “What’s really nice,” he told me before I’d had a chance to see the painting at the church, “is that I’ve ...