Content for Monday, January 13, 2020

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$250 million One America News deal reported

Rose Canyon TV network draws interest of Texas MAGA fans

Proprietors of a right-leaning San Diego cable news operation that has the eyes of President Donald Trump may be about to cash out in a big way, thanks to a takeover attempt by a group ...

Now Sushi is vegan

Is it possible to love a vegetable as much as a fish?

“This is the kind of place you take your non-vegan friend,” says a woman to her friend as they walk out of Now Sushi, a Mission Beach eatery that makes sushi without the fish. Entirely ...

Treated everyone to breakfast at Oceanside Denny's

What would you do with stolen credit card?

The registered owner of the red Nissan 2016 Rogue was part of a group who woke up last June 9. He was staying in a vacation home the group had rented in the 800 block ...

O.B. cop with a heart of gold

Rite Aid lets thief keep hoodie, but he was still cold

San Diego Police officers responded to a shoplifting incident at Rite Aid in Ocean Beach at Niagara and Sunset Cliffs Blvd. Monday morning (Jan. 6). When officers arrived about 5 am, the suspect was waiting ...

Speedway invades San Diego

Part of corporate shell game?

A popular Midwest brand of convenience stores and gas stations is quickly making a play into the competitive San Diego County market. Late last month, Speedway, headquartered in Ohio, acquired six stations in the area; ...

Ramona – a lot of stories

Helen Hunt Jackson, Mesa Grande Indians, San Diego Country Estates, Mt. Woodson, Ramona grasslands, Cedar Fire

Was Helen Hunt Jackson's Ramona real? During late winter and early spring of every year, a bit of confusion reigns up north in the town of Ramona. The folks at the chamber of commerce there ...