Content for Tuesday, February 11, 2020

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Not wanted in Oceanside – more palm trees

5000 of the non-natives planted near the beach

Enough with the palm trees already! Joan Bockman is known to many locals as Oceanside’s unofficial Johnny Appleseed for native plants. She celebrates and encourages homeowners who introduce cottonwood or desert willow trees in their ...

Order anything you want at Enclave, it’s good for you

Re-imagining fried chicken wings to beef dip as health food

Trying to eat healthy at restaurants gets exhausting. Depending which internet study you read last, animal fat could be killing you, or vital to your survival. Maybe eating rice daily can extend your life, or ...

Beware of any woman dancing on cars

Passerby in Walmart parking lot gets thumb bite

People who do not have drug issues or mental health issues usually do not dance on the hood of automobiles,” a judge said during a pre-trial hearing on Monday, February 10, 2020. Witnesses told Oceanside ...

San Diego fancy fish fileters

JoJo Ruiz of Serẽa and Lionfish won't serve just any salmon

It’s moments before dinner service on a Thursday night in the kitchen of Lionfish, the seafood restaurant and showpiece of swanky Gaslamp hotel, the Pendry. Executive chef JoJo Ruiz mentioned earlier that this kitchen rarely ...

Forget trees to help San Diego carbon emissions

Easier to re-forest Cuyamaca State Park

Every city in the county needs more trees. San Diego alone must triple its canopy to meet climate plan goals, which rely on trees as if they were banks, soaking up carbon in the air ...