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Stylist Michael Burton: find a good tailor at Picasso Tailoring and Nick’s Tailor Shop

Don’t skimp on the suit

I haven’t bought a new suit since I was 12. The last time I went to a wedding, it was in a suit I got from a thrift store for $7, and it looked pretty ...

Amadeus: The victor is Mozart’s music

Putting Salieri in charge of the narrative relieves us of any controversy regarding the depiction of Mozart

If a show is only as good as its villain, then Amadeus is a great show. The title might refer to Mozart, but the show opens and closes with Salieri, the villain. The play, by ...

Jim Carroll: the American Arthur Rimbaud

Leonardo DiCaprio played punk rock poet in 1995 film The Basketball Diaries

Love Story The penalty for desertion is death by a firing squad. I’m saving you this trouble enclosed is a pistol. loaded with only one bullet. squeeze the trigger once. perhaps nothing will happen. but ...

Blue Jay Lodge: right out of Davy Crockett!

“Here’s the thing about this food. It’s not Cordon-anything, but it is delicious.”

These places! They all look right out of Davy Crockett! Where we’re heading is this 1919 lodge 6000 feet up on Mount Laguna, 100 years old this year, actually serving nosh and hauling grog up ...

The Barbra Streisand of rock

Lenny Kravitz, Buck-O-Nine, Dead Feather Moon, Trouble in the Wind, Strawberry Moons

It can be hard to take Lenny Kravitz seriously. It didn’t help that, straight out of the gate, the first thing most of us heard about him in the late ‘80s (when he was still ...

The Sound of Silence “muted” by Peter Sarsgaard’s strained expression

Maybe the quiet is surprising instead of fitting, since the movie is all about sound

Director and co-writer Michael Tyburski’s The Sound of Silence is, fittingly enough, a quiet film. In telling the story of a room tuner — a man who solves his clients’ problems by identifying dissonant sounds ...

Titus Andronicus enlist Hüsker Dü’s Bob Mould as producer of An Obelisk

“He’s known for his work ethic, his discipline, and especially his decisiveness.”

Titus Andronicus is in the midst of a 63-date North American tour that has brought the band to cities that don’t often fall in the path of traveling rock acts. Besides the usual stops such ...

Mr. Oro’s and Zebra Knight’s rap battle collaboration

The pair will attend the Ghetto Dreams edición Tijuana freestyle rap contest

Mr. Oro sells his El Sacrificio De Oro CDs and Oro Wear brand clothing to Americans at the Tijuana/San Ysidro Port of Entry as they return to the U.S. “Here in Tijuana it’s a lot ...

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