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The Louisiana Purchase

Slick short-term rentals in North Park

The Louisiana is a mixed-use complex on the corner of Louisiana Street and University Avenue in North Park. There is a hip restaurant (Louisiana Purchase) on the bottom level that, according to its website, “was ...

The true value of Animal Kingdom to Oceanside

"The show isn’t as good as it was"

When the actors of Animal Kingdom talk about why they like to film in Oceanside, the word “grit” comes up a lot. The TNT drama steeped in drug use and debauchery just finished its fourth ...

Mary’s Gourmet: ghost salad restaurant

Miramar kitchen delivers big, healthy chopped salads to your doorstep

It’s probably fair to count me among the nine out of ten of Americans the CDC says don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables. One problem is that my preferred diet of tacos, fried chicken, and ...

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