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Irwin Jacobs' $9.9 million drives granddaughter’s House hopes

49th to 53rd Congressional District jump

With the abrupt retirement of House Democrat Susan Davis, followed shortly afterwards by the declaration of Sara Jacobs as a candidate in California's 53rd district, eyes are turning to her billionaire grandfather for clues to ...

Maybe Coronado will become a beacon of tiny houses

How they will add 1000 homes without high-rises

Coronado, one of the county's smallest cities, can't see how it will ever meet its share of the region's housing goals. Home to two large Navy bases, the land-locked, built-out, high-priced city was allocated 1,000 ...

Why Encinitas wants to ditch Sunset High

"There is not a rush to do this"

As the campus of Sunset High School in Encinitas was scraped to the ground over the summer, the school board of the San Dieguito Union High School District is considering a name change when the ...

How Ramona chicken lovers respond to Newcastle plague

1.2 million birds killed so far

Nancy Nunke says she was the first person in Ramona that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) called after the Virulent Newcastle Disease infected bird was confirmed on Griffith Rd. on August 30. “Shortly ...

Lido’s Italian Foods are too classic to be pretty

A mid-century Italian restaurant survives, despite the times

When the server places a thick white ceramic plate on the table, it’s all but spilling over with a pile of spaghetti. The noodles, and the two racquetball size meatballs astride them, are so drenched ...

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