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The home style Ukrainian of Village House Kalina

Enjoy babyshka’s recipes, just don’t order mineral water

Several months back, I wrote enthusiastically about a plate of stuffed cabbage made by a local market vendor and caterer. One reader responded by recommending the same dish, made by La Mesa restaurant, The Village ...

Roger Corman at the Dollar Tree

Local live wire faves

This week’s trio of discs came to me from various sources, reliable or otherwise. — Scott Marks The Black String (2019) Sensing a local angle, PR rep Justin Cook saw to it that a copy ...

Barrio Logan’s Sew Loka: the Nip/Tuck of real life

Gym for health, tailoring for looks

According to Claudia Rodriguez Biezunski, the gregarious owner of Barrio Logan’s Sew Loka, for a man, having your clothes tailored is more important for your looks than working out. “You can go to the gym ...

San Diego is Paradise For Goths

Birdy Bardot, Chelsea Wolfe, Sophie Webber, Taken By Canadians, Pruitt Igoe

Emily Reilly — aka Birdy Bardot — is known from multiple incarnations of the New Kinetics and all-female rockers the Rosalyns. Her debut solo album was recorded in collaboration with Al Howard (Heavy Guilt, Midnight ...

Lizzo blows up Billboard’s Hot 100 with “Truth Hurts”

“To put it bluntly, flutists talk shit about other flutists all the time.”

On September 7, classical flute player Lizzo peaked at number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 with her “Truth Hurts” rap and hip-hop song. As a piano player, I was hyped to see a classical music/hip-hop ...

Jarabe Mexicano, Bob Marley, and the guts to protest

“I’m just saying there’s an injustice here that has yet to be rectified.”

A couple years back, Jarabe Mexicano was approached by producers who had heard their rendition of Bob Marley’s “Get Up, Stand Up.” In their live set, the song snippet served as a transitional element. Their ...

What happened to opera

Super-titles have hastened the demise of the opera singer .

Stand by folks, I’ve identified the opera problem. What opera problem? The one where audiences are declining and the audiences which do attend often can’t say if what they heard from the singers was good ...

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