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Oceanside realtors not too worried about oceanfront homes

Some have flood insurance, others don't

Has the threat of rising tides or the reality of denuded beaches triggered a rush to sell beachfront property in Oceanside? The Strand is Oceanside’s most traveled seaside roadway. Many of the scenes in TNT’s ...

Fine casual pasta shapes at Ciccia Osteria

New sauces, hats, and ribbons, and an old favorite

I don’t know whether San Diego has gone through some sort of culinary looking glass, but we seem to have entered an era where Little Italy is flush with great non-Italian restaurants, while every other ...

The long line of Puccinis

Watch father, grandfather, great-grandfather on videos here

I’ve been posting daily music history tidbits on my social media and discovered that Michele Puccini was born on Wednesday, November 27 in 1813. Michele was the father of the much more famous Giacomo Puccini. ...

Puppy sales will go on March ballot in National City

But store owner willing to negotiate

National City voters will decide in March if a new ordinance banning the retail sale of dogs, cats and rabbits should be overturned. Like a state law that took effect this year, the city's ban ...

More than one point of view on Thanksgiving

Reader writers weigh in

The ideal hipster Thanksgiving As I’ve pointed out before, no holiday lacks the potential for a hipster makeover. Thanksgiving is no exception. Not only is it nestled comfortably between epic Halloween costumes and ugly-Christmas-sweater parties, ...