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Never pay full price for Tommy Hilfiger, John Varvatos, Armani, or other designer brands

Those logos you’re paying so much for aren’t adding anything to your style

“Designer clothing” is a euphemism for “expensive clothing.” A new Tommy Hilfiger button-up shirt costs $80. An equivalent shirt from John Varvatos costs $180. The cheapest Armani is $450. I’ve found all three for less ...

Dressy tie dye from Obey and Pacsun

“It’s colorful, bold, and creative”

I was making my way to Punchbowl Social in the East Village for game night with some of my friends when I came across the most colorful mural I had ever seen. It was in ...

Two poems by San Diego Reader’s poetry editor Joseph O’Brien

To Arena and Sea Break

To Arena That day the beach crept up on us, Its shallow sideshow of seashells, We began our sunburn early, Soaked in cold beer against curly- Cues of canvas, regatta sails Drowned in the chalky ...

Donkey Kong, Rubik’s Cubes, Ghostbusters and arcade food

“Ain’t nothing he doesn’t know about the eighties.”

‘Donkey Kong’s at the back left,” says the guy at the welcome podium. “Go for it, brother.” My friend Annie and I head inside, and into the ding-dong cacophony of a hundred different arcade games ...

Psych-jazz duo Mattson 2 drops new album Paradise June 7

And other new records from Bordertown singer Cici Porter, Taken By Canadians, Allweather, Shambhu, and Chon

Paradise, the new album from identical twin psych-jazz duo Mattson 2, drops June 7, with three mildly surfy singles so far preceding the release; “Essence,” “Naima’s Dream,” and “Wavelength.” The video for “Essence” is a ...

Camille Vidal-Naquet’s Sauvage: Not just a gigolo?

Sometimes, the only way to overcome the boredom of decadence is with a little old-fashioned brutality

What’s the old saw about war? That it’s long periods of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror? Tweaked a little, the line serves pretty well as a description of writer-director Camille Vidal-Naquet’s Sauvage, the ...

Hocus frontman Lando Martinez: a self-described “Mexican from Texas”

Hocus, Author & Punisher, Slightly Stoopid, Freddy Cole, Winnetka Bowling League

Celebrating their tenth year, Hocus is fronted by Lando Martinez (aka Fat Lando), a self-described “Mexican from Texas” who retired from the U.S. Navy in 2008 after serving 20 years. Their debut album Better Than ...

DJ Roob’s Not So Serious Radio calls it quits?

Twelve bands are currently sitting on a waiting list to play a program that no longer exists

Rob Blackwell discovered KEXP about twenty years ago. He was visiting a friend in Seattle and was blown away by the radio station they were listening to in his car. When he returned home, he ...

Duncan Hunter aide junkets free on U.N. Foundation tab

Off-topic at the Ramona Town Hall meeting

The theme of the day at House member Duncan Hunter's Ramona town hall meeting Sunday was supposed to be "The Border, Then and Now," though the indicted ex-Marine GOP congressman's off-topic discussion of his selfie ...

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