Content for Tuesday, May 28, 2019

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Carlsbad succumbs to the Orange County look

"There is nothing beautiful about these new buildings"

At least eight businesses in Carlsbad’s downtown Village area have been told they must prepare to move out as their buildings make way for a sleek new restaurant/retail complex. In what seems to cement the ...

Still snowing in Baja

“The cold temperatures should’ve ended on March 21”

Some of the Baja 500 and San Pedro Martir Hillclimb racers are concerned about the “weird” weather reported in Baja. On May 23, the Mexico Secretary of Environmental Protection reported 1″ snowfall at the San ...

They sell edible puppies at Q Cute Buns

Haunting realism makes it tough to eat this chocolate mousse

“That puppy is too cute, I just want to eat it up!” We’ve all heard someone say this and never taken them seriously. And then somebody went and made puppy-shaped mousse a thing. I found ...