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GEO Group finances Faulconer turkey hand-outs

Charity giving but not really

Many of San Diego's biggest and most controversial special interests continue to give to One San Diego, the charity set up by Republican Kevin Faulconer, which among its good works pays for the free turkeys ...

Rancho Santa Fe rooster rouster Larry West vows challenge to controversial disqualification at Kentucky Cockfighting Championship

Outraged owner: “My Feathered Glory will rise again!”

“Tradition is everything here at the Kentucky Cockfighting Championship,” says Larry West, still shaking his head in disbelief over the unprecedented turn of events that cost him the honor of strutting into the Winner’s Square ...

Swiss Model Airplane Glue will never replace Famo Hair Remover

A rite of passage for male chowderheads worldwide

A cinematic counterpart to word association, this trio of films came to mind spontaneously and without reflection while watching The Garden Store trilogy. Cookoo Cavaliers (1940) Hey, Jan Hřebejk — steal from the Stooges and ...

2 Kids Brewing brings a San Diego beer brand back from the dead

Fans may resume drinking Intergalactic’s shiny metal cans

It was curtains for Intergalactic Brewing. The small Miramar brewery poured its last pints last summer, and closed up shop. Glasses were raised and tributes made, and not long after, founder and brewer Alex Van ...

Excitable Padres pitcher Chris Paddack injures self during beef with rival rookie

Hijinks Hijack Paddack Attack

Some baseball experts are calling Padres rookie Chris Paddack the best pitcher in the Major Leagues right now. But “best pitcher” doesn’t necessarily mean “best teammate,” at least according to several anonymous San Diego players ...

Zhu Xi: considered the second most influential Chinese thinker after Confucius

Qi and Li operate together in mutual dependence

Zhu Xi [Someone] asked: “Isn’t Tai-ji the general name for a diffuse being that existed before there was a heaven and earth and that was the Li of heaven, earth, and the myriad creatures?” [Zhu ...