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South Bay physical media pull with Kurt Russell, Scorsese’s Rolling Stones, and a Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western

Mined from We Lend More Inc., Roberto’s Jewelry and Pawn, and Express Pawn

Things your ever-diligent physical media hound sleuthed out while making the rounds of the South Bay region. Dark Blue (2002) We Lend More Inc. had a copy with my name on it. In the days ...

The Lorax Leaves La Jolla: Seuss stand-in skedaddles after San Diego scored sixth smoggiest city in nation

Neighbors react: “Will he take those stinky sea lions with him?”

As sad, strangled Swomee-Swans mournfully depart overhead and harried Humming-Fish hustle to escape the bacteria-ridden waters below, a grumpy Lorax remonstrates with the unrepentant Onceler, who offers him a trash can where he can stick ...

SDG&E mascot begs for company to be relieved of temptation to abuse its customers

“Stop me before I kill again! Or at least raise rates during peak usage hours.”

When SDG&E created smartwatch-based mascot Friendly McPlugface, they gave him one simple task: convince people that it’s okay for the company that provides people with electricity to charge more when people actually need that electricity. ...

Billy Graham: Death, for the Christian, is overcome by the reality of hope — Heaven

We are all God’s creation, but we are not all God’s children

Billy Graham “I don’t think I would be afraid to die if I knew what to expect after death,” said a young man with an incurable disease. Evidently, he had not heard of what God ...