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Hawkins Way uses San Diego's Procopio lawyers to lobby city hall for downtown evictions

Beverly Hill firm behind the closing of the Plaza Hotel

As the rush to gentrify downtown San Diego by evicting low-income residents continues apace, the specter of lobbyists pushing clients' projects through city hall and picking up sizable public subsidies is growing. A prime example ...

Holy Paleta for your inner child

Fruit, chocolate, candy, and nuts improve on mere popsicles

Like most kids growing up in America, I looked forward to sunny weather for the treats it brought: usually popsicles. As I look back now, I realize those popsicles were trash. We should have been ...

Downtown San Diego's Plaza Hotel goes; homeless parking proposed on Mission Bay

"In a perfect world we'd all have a unicorn and Lamborghini too"

Another SRO is about to bite the dust. Short for single room occupancy hotels, these cheap hotels have been dropping like flies from 123 in 2012 to 37 in October 2018. It's hard not to ...

San Diego Symphony: rambunctious list for next season

Lotsa Beethoven, but why not Dvorak 7 or 9?

The San Diego Symphony has announced its 2019-2020 season and it is a rambunctious list of symphonic music. For the past few seasons, I’ve felt as though the San Diego Symphony has been getting away ...

Chula Vista police arrest three for buying minors booze

Decoy Shoulder Tap

On March 9, the Chula Vista Police Department arrested three people for providing alcoholic beverages to minors. The operation was called Decoy Shoulder Tap, where a minor under the direct supervision of a peace officer ...

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