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North San Diego County – newspaper desert

Vista had access to seven different dailies

Bartender Steve Menzel easily sees between 75 and 300 customers daily during his eight-hour shifts at Larry’s Beach Club. Menzel has been a bartender at the restaurant/bar on Oceanside Boulevard west of Coast Highway for ...

Lorena Gonzalez and Nathan Fletcher go to Disneyland for free

Magic Kingdom, NBC Universal, Pebble Beach top yearly political gratuities

It's almost spring, time once again for desert flowers to bloom and the annual appearance of Assembly Democrat Lorena Gonzalez and family members at the gates of Disneyland. Gonzalez – who recently declared she will ...

Dockless bikes and scooters in San Diego get new rules in June

3 mph on Embarcadero, geofencing on Mission Beach boardwalk, and the 4X40 rule

It's not all coasting as San Diego works out new rules for dockless rides. The city has to balance climate action goals with the needs of citizens who feel they've been pushed off the sidewalk ...

Shawarma Guys finds a spot on Grape Street

Food truck brings falafel to South Park. And wagyu.

There’s Mediterranean food in South Park, thanks to the arrival of the Shawarma Guys food truck. For the past month or so, it’s been parked six days per week outside The Bottle House liquor store. ...

Find money, fins, and Frisbees in the "stank bank"

Even less hip than metal detectors

The great kelp forests off our coast grow up to two feet a day under ideal conditions. At their peak, individual strands can reach over 100 feet in length. Usually, however, they are ripped from ...