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Clothing subscriptions: not better than Ebay or Poshmark

That $240-360 you were going to spend on a subscription in a year will buy you an entire thrifted wardrobe

In a market saturated with bad deals, there are few worse than men’s clothing subscription boxes. The idea is appealing on its face: pay a company a recurring fee ($20-$30 per month) and they’ll send ...

Jaceli’s casual clothing from Nordstrom Rack, Lucy Paris, and Marshall’s with a fun personal touch

“I think the best accessory you can wear is a smile.”

This month I attended a backyard BBQ in Chula Vista to celebrate my friend’s graduation. There I met Jaceli, a Chula Vista resident who is originally from Los Angeles. We both griped about our desire ...

Two summer poems from Robert Louis Stevenson: Scottish poet and novelist of Treasure Island and Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Summer Sun and Bed in Summer

Summer Sun Great is the sun, and wide he goes Through empty heaven with repose; And in the blue and glowing days More thick than rain he showers his rays. Though closer still the blinds ...

Ciccia Osteria: Italian in Barrio Logan

“Can I suggest the Sombreri?”

Aztec drums thunder out from Chicano Park. Conch shells honk. It’s eight o’clock at night. People dance barefoot. Their ankle rattles sound like sleighbells. Now a woman steps forward with a smoking incense burner. It ...

Three comedies with Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby

The only constant in the so-called trilogy are vertiginous episodes staged on and/or going out and over a window ledge

From director and star Sidney Poitier comes an unlikely trilogy of comedies. Uptown Saturday Night (1974) An inexplicably tender, untroubled exchange between Steve (Sidney Poitier) and his wife Sarah (Rosalind Cash) prefaces a raucous boy’s ...

Trains Across the Sea’s trucker musical premier at Lestat’s West

And other music news from Lord Howler, Drug Hunt, Strawberry Moons, and Joel Rafael

Winners of a San Diego Music Award for best hard rock, Lord Howler will debut their third full-length Dance of the Ghosts this week. “The title refers to environmental degradation,” says drummer Charlie McCree. “The ...

From sonic fusion to bizarre mini rock operas

No Kings, Barefoot Hockey Goalie, War, Flipside Burners, The Spits

“No Kings plays a sonic fusion derived from the rhythms of first and second-wave ska and reggae, the guitar sounds of psychedelic, and surf rock, interspersed with the frenetic energy of punk,” according to singer ...

Morgan McRae’s plan for Headphone and Foxhole Studios

“You can put out a single or three or ten,”

Many musicians seem to stumble into their profession. Morgan McRae was not one of these. He had a plan from the start. While attending St. Louis University he studied piano and business management. He is ...

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