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Look good and stay cool in linen and chino shorts

Go as formal as the temperature lets you.

It’s getting hotter. A sea of sleeveless tees and board shorts drowns the land. Through it wades a lone crusader, fighting on the side of aesthetics. Zoom in. It’s you, wearing a nice linen shirt. ...

Josie’s forest sunset from from Nepal, Free People, and Autumn Teneyl

Husky Caleb seemed to match Josie’s blues

Part of my ritual for dropping friends off at the San Diego Airport includes a stop at James Coffee Co. in Little Italy. Tucked away in a transformed warehouse at the very end of the ...

Poet and artist E.J. McAdams shares a couple poems

Tea Ceremony and Gerritsen Creek, Brooklyn

Tea Ceremony —East Village, NYC You and I lived on this street once – we are a we still death’s not parted. Boy! the banks have moved in you can barely see the moon. “Large ...

The horror punk rock of Riley Hawk and Warish

Plus Mike Pinto, Chip & Tony Kinman, Switchfoot, Black Market III, Pathology, Little Hurricane, Nathan Joyner, NEIN

Formed in 2018, horror punk rock outfit Warish is fronted by singer-guitarist Riley Hawk (Petyr), son of skateboard star Tony Hawk, who operates a record store café in Oceanside called Steel Mill Coffee. Backed by ...

Panda Imperial: noodle palace guardian

“This is the Chinese food we grew up with.”

Got to hand it to Hank. He keeps finding these places that give you more gobbles for your greenback. It’s Friday. I ask where he’s going to eat with the money I give him. (Paying ...

American Woman: Life, not Lifetime

Take a walk through Deb’s hellish, decades-long search for her daughter’s whereabouts

When the Lord said, “Judge not, that ye be not judged,” He wasn’t referring to American Woman’s Deb Callahan (Sienna Miller). Deb can’t remove the butt from between her lips long enough to cuddle with ...

Velvet Underground-inspired surf rocker

Brian Jones Rock ‘N’ Roll Revival, Gary Wilson, Rebelution, Greg Douglass, Guitar Workshop Plus

Formed in 2015, the Brian Jones Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival honed an original blues-based rock and roll sound on their 2016 debut album, A Real Good Time. The record was promoted with a video for ...

Poway’s Victor Baker once commissioned by guitar-making icon D’Angelico

Arch-top jazz guitars “aren’t cheap, but they are reasonably priced for a professional player.”

Two years ago, Victor Baker arrived from the East Coast and set his one-man arch-top jazz guitar shop — initially, in Lemon Grove. Since then, he’s moved everything into his large home in Poway. What ...

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