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Consider wearing women’s jeans

Straight-leg women’s jeans tend to have a much better taper.

A pair of slim fitting jeans is one of the most stylish pieces of clothing you can own, and also one of the most expensive. A decent pair, bought retail, can run you from 50 ...

Pioneer Park picnic with an Old Navy bargain hunter

Simple and delicate in Mission Hills

Over Memorial Day weekend, I gathered with friends for a picnic at Pioneer Park in Mission Hills to celebrate a bit of scattered sunshine with a bit of wine. After scouting cute dogs most of ...

San Diego Reader Classified ads, June 6, 2019

Classifieds subhead

Roommates BEDROOM FOR RENT Bdrm 4 rent w/ own bathroom. Plenty of parking in conveniently located Bay Park. $675/month Email: [email protected] CLAIREMONT $800 includes Dish TV Uverse laundry and utilities Internet. No pets drugs smoking ...

Victor Hugo: leading voice of the Romantic movement in France

Author of Les Miserables and The Hunchback of Notre-Dame shares three poems

June Nights In summer, when day has fled, the plain covered with flowers Pours out far away an intoxicating scent; Eyes shut, ears half open to noises, We only half sleep in a transparent slumber. ...

Fallbrook mansion resembles a quaint European chapel

Including “car barns” with parking for a full fleet of vehicles

The luxury estate at 5147 Morro Hills Place, spanning nearly ten acres in southern Fallbrook, might be better described as a compound than as a residence. “Welcome to your future ranch, resort, spa, or estate,” ...

What calzone means in Italian

How long since I’ve had a straight sit-down Italian meal?

‘Hey. Feel like trouser legs for lunch?” This is Hank on the honker. Seeing quite a bit of Hank recently. Forgot how much he’s with it when it comes to getting boocoo nosh for nitnoi ...

Jangly blend of blues and punk called “blunk”

Pleasure Fix, Nena Anderson, N-E-1, The Petty Saints, Louis Valenzuela Jazz Jam

We’ve seen plenty of local bands who are into pleasuring, from the Pleasure Barons with hedonistic heroes Country Dick Montana and Mojo Nixon through Pleasure Device, Pleasure Model, and even Pleasure Victims. Sisters Ariel and ...

Simon Kinberg’s Dark Phoenix: Fiery redhead

Plays like a small-scale, humanly significant trauma drama

It didn’t have to end this way — in such thoroughly standard smash ‘em up fashion, with minor heroes dutifully duking it out with faceless hordes for punchy-power bolt minute after punchy-power-bolt minute until the ...

Fiddling with Jamie Shadowlight

“For hip hop, I play more groove and rhythm-oriented lines with lots of space.”

Pacific Beach violinist Jamie Shadowlight was ecstatic when she heard electric violinist Lindsey Stirling would headline the San Diego Fair on June 27. “Stirling has made playing violin fun and inspired so many young people ...

Chon’s Play-Doh rock

Their music never goes the same way twice

Chon specialize in guitars that swirl and sway, spidering up and down scales over odd chord changes — an outgrowth of prog often called to as “math rock.” As Chon honcho Mario Camarena confesses, growing ...

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