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Moores and minions grab no-bid Aztec Stadium deal

Naming rights hawked by L.A.’s Legends

The raw power of San Diego's big money politics is again on display with news that a company founded by ex-Padres owner John Moores will take over development of San Diego State University's proposed Mission ...

Lima Restaurant has heart

New Gaslamp sit-down remains authentic to the Peru’s capital city

At first glance, the name Lima Restaurant struck me as generic. But in between serving tables the married owners of the new Gaslamp eatery got to telling us about how they want it to remain ...

This time Baja 500 warns the selfie takers

Last year's close calls cited in warning video

On June 1, Felipe M., a San Diego offroad photographer, drove down to Ensenada to cover the Baja 500 race for his Baja Sports fanpage. He found a remote spot and parked his vehicle close ...