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Trade Stranger Things for Spider-Man

San Diego Reader Classified ads, July 24, 2019

Call in your FREE classified ad (619) 450-4293 voice mail. Or text it to us (619) 272-2772. Or visit and fill in classified ad form. (Businesses can use this too for $5 classified ads) ...

Larry Cohen horror trio

Will dad eventually bury his shame and call the child his own?

What’s the best thing about Midsommar? It allows me to introduce to you a trio of similarly-themed (and infinitely superior) nightmarish epics directed by a true Master of Horror, Larry Cohen. It’s Alive (1974) The ...

John Lingard: used history to demonstrate truths of the Catholic Church

His writings anticipated those of future English apologists for Catholicism such as Hillaire Belloc

John Lingard According to the Catholic belief, the bread and wine in the sacrament of the Eucharist, are made verily and indeed, the body and blood of Christ. This doctrine is grounded on the express ...

Forky: a life on film

After decades of service, the three-pronged plasticware gets a shot at stardom

He may be this year's emerging superstar, but Forky arrived on the scene long before Toyota began cranking out hybrids. Half-fork, half-spoon, and all-heart, his is a presence so large, they might just as well ...

Mike Pence’s puzzling Pride pics

Vice President’s visit to San Diego makes for interesting Instagramming

Padres manager Andy Green reassures fans

His postseason promise

“Look,” said San Diego Padres Manager Andy “Gang” Green, addressing fans who gathered outside his home in the wee hours of July 18 to hold what may have been a torchlight vigil of some kind, ...

Great White no match for brown tide


On July 14, a dead juvenile Great White shark washed ashore on the beach in Carlsbad. Locals who had been growing increasingly wary of shark attacks in the warming waters off of San Diego were ...

San Diego's hard seltzer summer

It's not beer, but breweries are experimenting with the fruity, diet-friendly adult beverage

During a recent, beachy afternoon out by the Oceanside Pier, I walked a short distance to the colorful new Kilowatt Brewing Oceanside Taproom. Parched from the sunshine, and in need of refreshment, I bellied up ...

Why San Diego Opera is not like the national theater of Chile

Part-time employees our salvation

Slipped Disc website is reporting massive employee cuts by the Teatre Municipal de Santiago. The company is the national theater of Chile and is located in the capital of Santiago. The theater was inaugurated in ...