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Oceanside Cemetery vs. Breeze Luxury Townhouses

Will they use ground-penetrating radar to find bodies?

Being buried in Oceanside doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll always rest in peace. “Look at what they did when they built the Hungry Hunter and the next-door gas station” says Shelley Hayes Caron. “They were throwing ...

San Diego Unified paid $400k for claim against Lincoln High coach

He changed his name in February

After being accused of sexual assault a former Lincoln High School soccer coach, Said Cajica, continued coaching youth soccer teams and on February 21 changed his name to Xavier Cajica-Bautista. Said’s path to becoming Xavier ...

San Diego border agents face fentanyl death risk

Overdose kit and training meltdown imperils enforcers, audit finds

Customs and Border Patrol officials are playing fast and loose with storage of the deadly synthetic opioid known as fentanyl, risking the health and lives of employees as the government grapples with a burgeoning load ...

Walk, don’t drive, to Tasty Noodle House

Its regulars would like to keep this unassuming little eatery secret

“We’ll take you to our favorite Chinese spot,” a couple of friends told me, “but only if you won’t write about it.” “Let’s go!” I said, careful not to make any promises. I’ve only experienced ...

The curve of death at El Mirador

"That July 13 morning was extremely foggy"

In the last week, videos and photos surfaced of truck drivers that lost control by El Mirador, between the Rosarito and Ensenada toll booths — backing up north- and south-bound traffic on the four-lane Mexican ...

Can't find the geocache on the OB Pier

Not just the Muggles are stumped

Geo what? Over the last several months, I’ve noticed people looking for something on the edge of my property in Ocean Beach. First, an older gentleman was poking around the fence and bushes with a ...