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Mikey now gone from KFMB's 100.7

Chris Cantore morning show beat the DSC show in June ratings

One of San Diego’s best paid media figures has just been removed from the airwaves, and this time it had nothing to do with bad behavior. Mikey Esparza once anchored the top-rated Mikey Show on ...

Kombucha floats are happening at Live Culture Café

A new Leucadia shop turns booch and soft serve frozen yogurt into a summer treat

This is probably going to be one of those times people just aren’t going to take my word for it, but it’s got to be said. Kombucha ice cream floats are real, and they’re delicious. ...

Don't say retreat when talking about sea rise in California

Imperial Beach and Del Mar have taken that word off the table

Who knew back in 1977, when the Coastal Act was passed, that the sea would rise so quickly? Now, cities and the agency formed to protect the coastline, must deal with it - and with ...

4th of July spooked Lakeside horses

“It’s the house with the race cars"

On July 4, E.L. and his Lakeside neighbors and their horses were not amused by fireworks set off close by. “Idiots on Vista Camino shooting skyrockets towards horses …. anybody else sick of this shit?” ...