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Shop Ebay and Poshmark for hot weather deals

Right now there is less competition for sweaters, jackets, and long pants.

Summer is the best time of the year to shop for clothes. As temperatures warm, prices drop. Few men seem aware of this. The hot months bring the lowest prices of the year for most ...

Complement your patterned pants with a Bebe mini backpack

“I like to buy a lot of unique pieces and see what I can put together when I get home”

Although Golden Hill may not necessarily be one of San Diego’s hippest neighborhoods, wherever there is Dark Horse Coffee Roasters, there also is the eclectic mix of their cult following. It was there I spotted ...

Carl Sandburg: immediate heir to Walt Whitman

Poetry untethered by rhyme, meter or regular stanza patterns

Summer Stars Bend low again, night of summer stars. So near you are, sky of summer stars, So near, a long-arm man can pick off stars, Pick off what he wants in the sky bowl, ...

Find Sushi and Sapporo at Kura Revolving Sushi Bar

You pay by number of plates you empty

Third time’s the charm? I’m hoping so. I’ve come early, around 5:30 pm, to put my name on the iPad outside the front window. It comes right back at me, “Guest #371: Welcome to Kura ...

Christo goes Walking on Water

His passion exhibited: unfeigned, childlike excitement for the work at hand

Say this for Walking on Water, Andrey Paounov’s documentary on the installation artist Christo’s 2016 effort to mount an enormous orange floating pier on the surface of northern Italy’s Lake Iseo: there are no talking ...

Klezmer with Hasidic nigunim, jazz, classical, Balkan, and Sephardic motifs

Yale Strom & Hot P’stromi, The Silent Comedy, Golden Howl, Bonneville 7, The Lucy Ring

As part of the Lipinsky Family San Diego Jewish Arts Festival, violinist and ethnic music archivist Yale Strom and his band Hot P’stromi will perform with local guest players including Fred Benedetti (guitar), Gunnar Biggs ...

Slightly Stoopid play Germany’s Summerjam Festival before restarting a U.S. tour on July 11

And other news bits from Blink-182, INUS, Jason Scheff, Carnifex, J.D. Boucharde, and Frankie J

Slightly Stoopid’s video for “One More Night” collects vintage footage of the band over the last 20-plus years, from early days with Bradley Nowell (Sublime) through tours with Snoop Dogg, Bob Weir, Sly and Robbie, ...

Power-punk-pop trio Potty Mouth releases new album SNAFU

Soda Bar will host band on July 18th

Asked about favorite haunts when her band, Potty Mouth, comes to San Diego, drummer Victoria Mandanas replies, “The place where the seals are” — leaving unresolved whether she’s talking La Jolla, SeaWorld, or possibly both. ...

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