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Cory Briggs runs for mayor of San Diego

"The city does victory laps all the time on stuff that doesn’t get fulfilled “

The white board in the conference room behind Cory Briggs tells the story: On one side, in green ink it says: Donor class v. voter class What does it mean to stand up for working ...

Boogie boarders rescued near Marine Room, sea lion on La Jolla Cove boardwalk

Dead kayaker at Lake San Vicente, napper thought dead in Mission Beach

San Diego Lifeguard report Jan. 21-27 Jan 27 12:55 Medical: 911 call of sick person at the Torrey Pines Glider Port. 31S, M9, and M72 respond. Medics to handle. 16:20 Other: San Diego police department ...

Native Foods tries Rosecrans

I added lots of sriracha.

For a week, I’d been eating too much of the American garbage diet: fast food, hot dogs, fried chicken, and many sides of fries. Hearty fare, fit for a Midwest winter freeze perhaps, but far ...

Steel ball resurfaces again at Black’s Beach

Painted with nude beaches from across the world, a pumpkin, and a golf ball

On Sunday, a crew of lifeguards at Black’s Beach discovered that “the elusive steel ball” has resurfaced after a 2-year hiatus, this time washing up along the north end of the beach. “We haven’t seen ...

I once lived in an RV in San Diego, and it sucked

Van-lifers on Fiesta Island: you are subject to police profiling

On January 26, about 150 van-lifers converged at Fiesta Island. Jarrod, 33, rolled to the Vanlife Meetup in his 2003 Ford E-350 ambulance that he purchased from Pennsylvania last week. “[I believe that] most of ...

Calving season of the devil fish

74 whales in Laguna Ojo de Liebre

Once known as “devil fish" for attacking skiffs used by whalers that hunted them, gray whales are now viewed as docile, sometimes attention-seeking creatures by those who have been up close during whale-watch trips to ...