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That's not the fish taco you're looking for

Don't believe everything you read in a restaurant window

Some places are just doomed to fail. Specifically this one place in East Village, right across the street from Petco Park. It seems like every time I walk by, there's a new restaurant at 317 ...

Orange Glen High attacked by Diablos

Use of brass knuckles makes crime a wobbler

Escondido police officer Steve Higgins said he was called to Orange Glen High School the early afternoon of Tuesday, December 18. The officer said he spoke to one teacher, a man in his mid-50s, who ...

Female swept off rocks at Clam, males off North Channel Jetty and Osprey Point

San Diego lifeguard report Dec. 24-30

Dec 30 07:58 Medical: San Diego Fire Department requests response for a body in Mission Bay washing up on the south side of El Carmel. 24 Sam, 4 Sam, 4 L, M 21, E 21, ...

Escondido sex offender tries to register

But he didn't have an appointment

A defense attorney claimed that Juan Dolorier did try to register as a sex offender, but there was confusion about what to do and when to do it. Public defender Dan Segura spoke on behalf ...

The fickle Chargers fans

From 44K Facebook unlikes to 89K Instagram views of Melvin Gordon TD

On January 6, after the Los Angeles Chargers beat the Baltimore Ravens 23-17, the former San Diego team's social media accounts jolted and "recouped some of their old fans." In 26 hours: their Twitter account ...

Hang back from the box if someone else is there

Julian's Blessing Box has its protocol

In the corner of the parking lot at Wynola Pizza and Bistro in Julian, is a reason local residents in the mountain community of 4,000 will never have to go hungry. Resident Heather Rowell learned ...

Regular size front door

Sandwich shop's lateral move

I was driving past Big Front Door the other day when it hit me: that's not where Big Front Door should be. But it's really close. Two months ago, the six-year-old sandwich shop moved one ...

1976 San Diego guide to surfer slang

Dawn patrol, hot lips, kook, outside, eat it, turtle

The following is taken from a 1976 story by Jim Mullin: Backyard Special. A poorly constructed, homemade surfboard. Body Flyaway. Jumping clear of one’s surfboard to avoid body, board contact. Bowl Section. That part of ...

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