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Overturned catamaran 10 miles off Encinitas too far for lifeguards

San Diego lifeguard report Feb. 4-10

Feb 10 10:25 Other: Call box report of person in distress not in the water, drug related. U25 and 21S respond. 21 Sam handles dispute between two beach patrons. 13:33 Medical: Person down, 32 year-old ...

Going beyond the bun at Royale brunch

Cheeseburger specialist adds organic farming to its menu

It’s late Sunday morning, and there’s a mimosa in my hand, courtesy of Point Loma burger and cocktail spot, Royale. Serious cheeseburger fans will already be familiar with Royale, and its Pulp Fiction-referencing signature sandwich, ...

One would think scheduling a fishing tournament would be easy

Open Bay Bass Tournament vs. Saltwater Bass Series

Considering our mild weather, one would think scheduling a fishing tournament would be easy to pull off. This has not been the case the last few years for the San Diego Anglers and their Open ...

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