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Know your limits while fishing off Baja

The Pacific Queen returned with bag limits of 58 yellowtail, 260 rockfish.

Dock Totals Feb 3 – Feb 9: 383 anglers aboard 24 half day to one and a half day trips out of San Diego landings this past week caught 58 yellowtail, 58 calico bass, 473 ...

East Village's birdman loses Sydney, run over by trolley

"Get out of here with your dirty clothes"

Victor Vasquez holds his head in his hands. His white parakeet Ginger sits on his shoulder. Coocooberry, his 25-year-old red-lored green Amazon parrot, sits atop his cage, looking at Vasquez, unblinking, silent. “It’s really painful,” ...

San Diego gas prices edging up – want to drive to Pauma Valley? shows February as the pivot month

The chance for San Diegans to pay $2 a gallon for gas in 2019 appears to be over. Concern over trade tensions with China is the reason being given for the current rise in San ...

When it rains, Pacifica Breeze still pours coffee

Gravy is key to these chicken and waffles

“The weather app said it was supposed to be sunny until later this afternoon,” my friend Valerie said as we watched large raindrops fall on our outdoor table at Pacifica Breeze Café in Del Mar. ...

Less parking for San Diego's Old Town

Four adobe houses survive from the 1800s

‘It’s been vacant as long as I can recall” was the consensus I got when asking about the vacant lot on the corner of Congress and Harney streets in Old Town. An empty lot is ...

Camp Pendleton Marine faithful to homeless brothers

Will ask Palomar College for part of parking lot

Florida native Anthony White II taught marksmanship to new recruits in bootcamp. Like many Camp Pendleton Marines, White had a post-Corps life plan when his four years of service was over in 2015. “When I ...

Gonzalez surrenders private prison money, gets cash from Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell

The Trump and Bezos connections

When state Assembly Democrat Lorena Gonzalez deployed a firehose of cash from her re-election campaign committee to jumpstart husband Nathan Fletcher's bid for a seat on the county board of supervisors last year, questions regarding ...

These boards lift the rider above water

One of the hottest products at Consumer Electronic Show

One of the hottest products showcased at the January Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas was the e-Foil board. These boards have electric motor powered hydrofoils underneath them, which lift the rider above water once ...

Surfing is a sport, not a lifestyle

I guess people really take it spiritually

Name: Mark Kirchner Age: 57 From: Clairemont Location: Ocean Beach Mark Kirchner and I stopped to chat near the lifeguard tower. Kirchner has been surfing San Diego for about 25 years. “I don’t know what ...

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