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The China effect on San Diego's recycling

After rePlanet closes, EDCO sees 100 percent increase

When the Chinese government announced last month that they no longer want to buy mega-tons of America’s recycling waste, it may have been the final blow to a collapsing recycling industry, forcing the closing of ...

Kaiser to face largest strike anywhere in 20 years

Union claims company made $5.2 billion in profits in the first six months of 2019

The Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions warned in an August 12 press release they are planning the “nation’s largest walkout since 1997.” Coalition spokesman Sean Wherley says over 80,000 Kaiser Permanente employees in six states ...

Feasts on a bun at Daddy’s Hot Dogs

Hillcrest’s finest street food purveyor makes a frank case for vegetables

Through a sidewalk counter window in the middle of a lively block on University Avenue, I meet Hillcrest’s resident hot dog maven. His name is William Schroeder, but with a streetwise New York accent, he ...

Serra Mesa – outsiders easily get lost

Mobley Street, Jewish deli, sushi restaurant, Ruffin Canyon, aviation gas, the bus that goes through

New generations in Serra Mesa That first southbound walk home from Wegeforth Elementary, back in '68, was long and hot, each shadow on Mobley Street a refuge. For a transplanted fourth-grader, it was an arduous ...