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Homeless weigh heavy, even in Ocean Beach

Removal of the police trailer a factor

“The stench by the wall is overwhelming. I barely go that way anymore. So unfair to the actual residents! Come on SDPD-DO SOMETHING,” said Tracey, an Ocean Beach local. “All the trash and sketchy/drugged out/aggressive ...

Mexican Navy seizures affecting Baja lobster prices?

$30 a pound, $20 frozen in Ensenada,

On August 7, the Mexican Navy along with workers from the National Commission of Aquaculture and Fisheries, secured 280 lobster traps and rescued and released 740 lobsters in Ejido Eréndira, a small community about 62 ...

The Invigatorium makes coffee fun

The new East Village coffee shop from Modern Times dazzles and caffeinates

When I heard Modern Times Beer and Consortium Holdings were conspiring to open an East Village coffee bar, I was excited for a couple of reasons. First is that I’m a fan of Modern Times ...

University City – UCSD's bedrooms

Trolley, Regents Road Bridge, San Clemente Canyon, Miramar jets, traffic

No trolley in my backyard A group of neighborhood conservationists in University City are hoping to put the brakes on a plan to extend trolley service from downtown San Diego's Santa Fe Depot to a ...