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Pizza or prix fixe at Il Dandy

Spend a little, or spend a lot to experience Italian star chefs at work

Fans of animated cinema will remember the pivotal moment in Ratatouille, when the impossible to please food critic Anton Ego is bowled over by a single bite of the titular dish, ratatouille. As we see ...

Trump supporters expose themselves in San Diego County

"We really love the president"

Even though the election was a year and half out, former United States Marine Patty Siegmann thought her commander-in-chief deserved her support. In March, the Republican started a pro-Trump street rally. Every other Friday from ...

San Diego scooter scene calms down

"A lot were stolen”

On August 2, Steve Taylor direct messaged me a link to a YouTube video titled Scoot Safe – Emergency Physicians’ Tips for Electronic Scooter Riders. “Dang, they gotta commercial for kids,” he said. “Notice the ...