Perfect fit and neutral colors elevate t-shirts to their fullest potential.
  • Perfect fit and neutral colors elevate t-shirts to their fullest potential.
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Unless you’re a wayward fur trapper, you will be wearing t-shirts for the rest of the summer. There are a few ways to make them look great.

The t-shirt is the most casual article of clothing you can put on your body that isn’t underwear. Defeat this casualness with the following pieces of advice.

Step one is not to wear graphic tees. No matter what you’re advertising, the graphic is going to make your look more youth-y. I don’t say “youthful,” because that has too positive a connotation. Visible logos are also a negative.

If you’re annoyed by my recommendation, I understand. It hurt to take my Doom shirts out of rotation. But it was worth it.

Avoid, too, wearing athletic shirts when not performing athletics.

Step two is to wear only those t-shirts that fit you well. The shirt should be no longer than the middle of your crotch. Its sleeves should come halfway down your upper arms, or stop higher. They should also hug closely to your arm. Go for a slim fit. When you pinch the shirt at your side, you should only have a couple inches of fabric in your fingers.

Step three is to pick solid, neutral colors. Black, white, navy blue, and gray are the best. As with most menswear, boring equals stylish.

Throw on some slim-fit chinos and a nice pair of shoes and you’ll look better than 95 percent of other men.

I buy all my tees at thrift stores. If you get them new, you’ll typically end up with poor quality unless you overpay. I’d rather spend $3 on a used tee that originally cost $30 than drop $7 on a fast fashion shirt that will auto-destruct in a month.

Keep it simple and sober, and the results will amaze you.

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Ponzi April 25, 2019 @ 4:50 p.m.

No sports jerseys either. Unless you are playing on the team.


Luisfred Sept. 2, 2019 @ 9:39 p.m.

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