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The indelible seasons of Curryosity

For better or worse, its curious spice blends stand out

Given a healthy appreciation for good puns, South Asian cuisine, and proximity, I was more than curious when Indian restaurant Curryosity opened close to home in South Park last fall. It gave a good look ...

Zisi: grandson of Confucius who wrote on relativity of human knowledge of the universe

Was also student of another Chinese philosopher: Zengzi

Zisi “How far-extending was the filial piety of King Wu and the duke of Zhou! Now filial piety is seen in the skillful carrying out of the wishes of our forefathers, and the skillful carrying ...

Modern Times Beer sells shares to fans

Financial disclosures reveal how quickly the 264 million dollar company has grown

Modern Times Beer made news two years ago when it announced a plan to vest long-term employees with a piece of the company, and this week it announced a plan to further spread its ownership ...

UCSD Biology Department confirms existence of the human soul in light of LGBTQIA+ campus policy statement

“Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.”

“Ever since the rise of modern science in the wake of the Enlightenment,” says UCSD Professor of Human Biology Viz Empirical, “biology has concerned itself with what it can experimentally and observationally verify. More metaphysical ...

Fake Fleet jerseys still command more cash on eBay than real Chargers gear

Fleet Sink, But Chargers Stink

Fake Fleet jerseys still command more $$$ on eBay than real Chargers gear

Adelaide Della Torrid anointed President of SDSU in blood-drenched ritual

Rejoice, my fellow Aztecs!

Excerpt from Dr. Della Torrid’s remarks following the ritual: “I’m sure many of you gathered here today have read about the recent FBI Operation entitled Varsity Blues, which exposed the rank and venal corruption of ...

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