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Cake, cronuts, and crullers at Peterson's Donut Corner

New, classic, and everything in between at old-school Escondido donut shop

One of the hallmarks of 21st century foodie-ism in America has been the reinvention of specialty food shops. In addition to the advent of businesses dedicated to perfecting the likes of cupcakes, pickles, and hot ...

F-bombs don't faze 105.7 fans

"I strongly prefer the new format"

On the morning of March 23, listeners of 105.7-FM were shocked to hear “a bunch of F-bombs” on the air. “I heard maybe seven F-words,” said Dillon. “It was Twisted Sister and it was like ...

Holy Week in San Diego: our mish-mash of Christianity

Medical look at Christ's crucifixion, City Rescue Mission, Carmelite nuns, Dorman Owens, Mother Teresa, Antiochian Orthodox

Medical explanation of Christ's crucifixion and other Easter stories The severe scourging, with its intense pain and appreciable blood loss, most probably left Jesus in a preshock state. Moreover, hematidrosis had rendered his skin particularly ...

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