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Bishop William Poynter: English writer, Catholic bishop, and college professor who was once imprisoned by French revolutionaries

He was often the target of controversialist Bishop John Milner

Bishop William Poynter Christianity is that form of Religion, which was taught and instituted by Christ. It embraces the doctrines of faith, which Christ revealed; the supernatural moral precepts, which he delivered; the sacred rites, ...

X-rated documentaries from Russ Meyer, Allen Funt, and a mocumentary from Jeanne and Alan Abel

This definitely qualifies as your grandparent’s kind of porn

A trio of X-rated documentaries that definitely qualify as your grandparent’s kind of porn. You’re going to have to work to find copies, but they’re worth it. Mondo Topless (1966) “Situated on precipitous peaks above ...

A feast of Army Base Stew, kimchi, ramen and Spam at Friend’s House in Little Korea

“Korean food can be hot. But it’s drier, less oily than Chinese dishes.”

Aaargh! Second time I’ve tried. This time it’s even worse. I look at the screen beside the “sign in” sign. “Parties waiting: 68. Estimated wait time 03:27.” That’s 3 hours and 27 minutes? No way, ...

Jimmy Iovine’s brand of carefree goodtime radio rock

Rooney, Disrupt Festival, A.A. Bondy, Andrew Bird

L.A. alt-rockers Rooney will be celebrating 20 years of music, “unplugged and live,” for their Break the Wall Tour, due to hit Soda Bar on June 27. Fronted by singer and multi-instrumentalist Robert Schwartzman, the ...

Nathan Hubbard’s Parker Meridien surprised to win Hip-Hop/Rap category at 2019 San Diego Music Awards

“When they called our name, it felt like opening a door to a surprise party”

Drummer/ bandleader Nathan Hubbard has had his share of success at the San Diego Music Awards in recent years, winning “Best Jazz” in 2017 for his album Furiously Dreaming, and in 2014 for his sprawling ...

Creature & the Woods chooses Joshua Tree as their spiritual destination

And other music inspired by poems of Noah Lekas’ Saturday Night Sage

“Although we recorded the music in Joshua Tree, it wasn’t written about the area necessarily,” says guitarist-singer Daniel Cervantes of the upcoming Creature and the Woods EP. “Some seeds of these songs are grown by ...

Keep cool and feel accomplished while working out with a higher-end Lululemon outfit at Belle + Barre

Or go with more affordable options from Old Navy and Target to get more

Week after week, people pour in and out of their favorite fitness classes, myself occasionally included. I’ve noticed fitness classes becoming a new kind of runway, where you can flaunt your style while you sweat ...

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