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Welcome to Ramona! Now go away.

Three legal dispensaries good for customers, but not for business

That was the unstated sentiment as Ramona’s third medicinal cannabis dispensary Releaf Meds held its grand opening with a live concert and an official community meet-and-greet in January. The local love was there, but the ...

The return of Grant’s Marketplace

It feels roomier, with new menu items and fuzzy chairs

It never closed exactly, but heading into the end of last year, Grant’s Marketplace sure looked like the end was near. The drink coolers dwindled to empty, as did shelves that once held sundry items ...

Pacific Beach leads the town in dog tickets

"I am not going to shut up until we get a real off-leash park"

Pacific Beach dog lovers have been frustrated over the lack of off-leash options. Many go rogue and let their dogs run free in parks with rules against that. In January, increased enforcement led to residents ...

Classical music not for dummies

Neither is physics

“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” – George Carlin. I came across this quote recently and came to an uncomfortable realization. I only say ...

New North Park Target starts debate on grab-and-dashes

The Ralph's approach vs. Costco's

Joan LaRose has been to the new Target store in North Park three times since it opened on March 12. She and her neighbors "love" the convenience of having a 35,200 sq./ft. "small-format" Target nearby; ...

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