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Wet bandits invade Escondido

Cameras catch perps in the act

"The guy in that screen shot looks like one of the 'wet bandits' in the other video,” Mary said to me on a September 20 interview. “Multiple people believe it’s the same guy and they ...

Siamo Napoli embraces its Italian identity

Neapolitan pizza is only part of the coastal town’s cuisine

We are Naples. That’s what the name means of San Diego’s latest Italian restaurant operated by people from Italy, means. Siamo Napoli recently picked up where Il Postino left off in a large North Park ...

Ocean Beach locals escort bully out of town

Rangers avoid going after homeless

On Wednesday, September 18, "Jane" parked in front of the OB Hotel at the foot of Newport Ave for her daily surf session. After getting out of the ocean, she rinsed off with a jug ...

Sorrento Valley – what little there is

Lost roads, The Corner House, fights with Mira Mesa, how to go south on 805

Lost roads of San Diego:Sorrento Rd., Smilax, Edelweis There was also once a Smilax Road in Sorrento Valley, one in a series of short roads named for local flora. It paralleled the railroad tracks on ...