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Are San Diego streetlight spy cams leaking privacy?

“Users, particularly Mayors, can access the platform via their mobile devices”

What is the city of San Diego up to with its controversial installation of 4200 streetlights that spy, reported here in February? Although the city council has yet to take up questions of privacy regarding ...

The never-ending fix to Hazard Center Drive

Then there's the Friars Road realignment

Hazard Center Drive in Mission Valley East is probably the shortest road incurring the longest completion of any in San Diego. It is approximately three blocks long and runs from the west end of the ...

Rapes ambulance patient, gets ten years

The fateful ride from Tri-City

David Alexander Carpio, 34, made a plea deal in August 2019, in which he admitted four felonies, including child rape and sexual battery on a child. The prosecutor has stated that there are actually three ...

J & Tony’s Discount Cured Meats And Negroni Warehouse is a mouthful

Aperitivos and sandwiches go with vinyl records and imported cheese

When I grab a seat at the counter, the first question I’m asked is whether I’d like any parmesan to snack on. The correct answer to that question is always yes. It’s especially so when ...

Borrego Springs– no there there

Desperate hike, crazy to live there, Montesoro, water trouble, goodbye to farms

From Toro Peak to Fonts Point, barely Their plan was to start at Toro Peak, in the Santa Rosa Mountains just north of Borrego Springs, hike along the mountainous spine over Rabbit Peak and Villager ...