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Pelosi rules San Diego campaign cash war

Moores ex-wife, anti-nuke lawyer trounce Republican cable mogul

Democrats continued to lead the pack of San Diego county donors to federal campaigns during the first four months of 2019, with Escondido lawyer and nuclear proliferation opponent Ira Lechner, with legal roots in Washington ...

Where four-handed piano music led to

Very few U.S. orchestras in U.S. until 1966

On April 27 and 28 the San Diego Mainly Mozart Festival presented a concert of, Two Pianos, Eight Hands. The format harkened back to the golden of age of the piano. Before the invention of ...

Get a Taste of Poland wherever you can

Stuffed cabbage tastes way more exciting than it sounds

While cruising North Park’s Festival of Arts last weekend, I was surprised and happy to stumble upon a vendor serving authentic Polish food. To my knowledge, no dedicated Polish restaurants currently operate in San Diego; ...

San Diego radio's pre-recorded weekends

Why the Poway Chabad shooting showed up on national radio first

When a national news story breaks in your backyard, big enough to get non-stop coverage on CNN, don't expect your local news radio station to be bothered. The Poway synagogue shooting may have postponed commercials ...