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Faulconer brings visual aids to White House meeting with President Trump


“What’s a good Republican to do?” lamented Mayor Kevin Faulconer as he surveyed his “3D Powerpoint” presentation for the President on June 18. “Starting from my right: the portable Blue Boy tank is full of ...

Bed bugs in Leucadia?

Union protest at John Moores' Encinitas Beach Resort

Warning . . . Crime is coming to Leucadia. Robbery. Prostitution. And worse yet . . . an infestation of bed bugs. That’s according to a two-week-long protest by a construction union. Carpenters Local 619 ...

Much Ado About Machado: Manager Green defends slugger’s offensive outburst

“It’s the biggest outburst on offense we’ve seen from him so far, and it gives me hope.”

Then again, maybe Green doesn’t mind paying $30 million for a projected 30 home runs and a .270 batting average. Franmil Reyes has 20 HRs already, and he makes $570K, so the math seems to ...

Captain of industry puts the axe to La Jolla’s Lorax tree

The Once(ler) and Future King

In the town of La Jolla, at the edge of Scripps Park Grew a Monterey Cypress, full of sap, leaves, and bark. A healthy old tree, and quite famous to boot Since it helped Dr. ...

Horace Greeley: Universalist, founder of the New York Tribune, and defender of human rights

“Go west, young man, and grow up with the country!”

Horace Greeley Love God with all the powers of your soul, and love every man as yourself; for every man is like a part of yourself, and must at last become, like you, one with ...

Last call for Biersch

After 20 years, Mission Valley’s Gordon Biersch brewpub closes in mid-July

“Believe it or not,” said Douglas Hasker, “Once upon a time this was the hot shit brewery in town.” Hasker was speaking to a crowd assembled at the Gordon Biersch brewpub in Mission Valley, where ...

Stormy end to Mainly Mozart

Waiting since Amadeus for this

The sun was setting in Beethoven’s Symphony No.6 out beyond the reaches of the Vienna Woods, which extend to the north and southwest of the “city of music”. The final glow of the music disappeared ...

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