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Pacific Beach sends dog owners to re-education camp

“It strikes me as similar to ‘surf gangs’ who attack any outsider"

“A San Diego Police officer rolled up on an ATV and stopped us,” Steve G. said. “He told us dogs were not permitted in the park — except at certain unfathomable hours. A second officer ...

In time for summer, Imperial Beach sets rules for sidewalk vendors

Is anywhere off limits?

Summer means sidewalk sales. And now, starting this summer, even more sidewalk sales. In January, a state law took effect that makes it easier for street vendors, whether stationary or roaming, to hawk everything from ...

Half a sandwich looks good at Son of a Toast

Cold brew cocktails and photogenic bread creations

If you’re going to like Son of a Toast, first you’ve got to appreciate the concept of toast. It’s the same thing we used to call an open faced sandwich, except, explicitly, the bread in ...

Eastlake – growing pains

Larger than Chula Vista, Otay Water District, foreclosures, South Bay Expressway, Eastlake as prison

Peace east of Eastlake It was inevitable that there would be development. The Olympic Training Center sits on land donated by Eastlake, the sprawling development to its immediate west. Every time I pass through Eastlake, ...

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