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North River Farms not giving up on Oceanside

“They are trying to buy a town just like Doug Manchester did"

I need your support,” Oceanside City Councilman Christopher Rodriguez said in a June 29 Facebook post. The first-year councilman was not after votes or promoting a favorite charity. He was trying to sell the controversial ...

Rincon Azteca: a treasure no longer hidden

Homestyle mole, birria, enchiladas, pambazas and more in a one-woman kitchen

Perhaps the most overused cliché in all food writing is to call a restaurant a gem. One might be an absolute gem, or a neighborhood gem. Most trite of all would be the term “hidden ...

How China's National Sword policy affects San Diego recycling

Styrofoam cups included but not foam packing peanuts

The city of San Diego has approved two new curbside recycling contracts, and they come with a twist. In 2017, recycling brought in four million dollars. The following year, three million. This year it's down ...