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Lakesider shreds docs explaining new density regs

State wants affordable housing, rural feel be damned

An emergency meeting summoned by the Lakeside Community Planning Group last night filled up the room at the community center in a jiffy with several dozens residents. Two county employees came to present the latest ...

Backhanded Compliment?

SD’s MLK Jr. Way is…an alley

No houses face onto the roadway, which bisects a block. That’s an alley, right?

Quentin Tarantino cocktail suite at Union Kitchen & Tap in Encinitas

“All his characters have bold personalities, and I was mindful of that when I named these cocktails.”

Mobsters generally don’t like surprises – and yet to stay in the game they have to be full of surprises. Just ask Nice Guy Eddy, Mr. Pink, or Mr. Black in Reservoir Dogs – or ...

Border and torture from a Lucky Charms Cheesecake and two John Alton noirs

As tasty as a gulp of watered-down wheat paste

While on the lookout for three films that dealt with the importance of borders (or lack thereof), I was sidetracked by other forms of torture. Dodge City (1939) The indolent Mookie tossed a trash can ...

Business 101: Eliminating Redundancy

In cost-cutting effort, Qualcomm agrees to sell one of its Ms to rival Apple

Last year, local tech giant Qualcomm survived a hostile takeover bid from Broadcom technologies — a company which, perhaps tellingly, had only one M in its name. Part of their strategy involved a pledge to ...

Looking to AIDS to Aid the Homeless

Hillcrest residents recall activist past in addressing neighborhood crisis

“The suffering has to end,” says local homosexual Augustus Cheek of Hillcrest’s enduring homelessness crisis. “You have people sleeping in doorways, on sidewalks, in the parts of Balboa Park that used to be reserved for ...

Science or Sorcery?

Accused knight charges authorities with employing “forbidden eldritch wizardry” following arrest based on genetic genealogy

The 2006 La Mesa sword murder of Scott Martinez was colder than the cold steel of a murderous sword, despite the blood possibly belonging to the killer found on the scene. Cold, that is, until ...

Shi Jing: written for altar sacrifice to ancestors

Two poems from “The Book of Odes”

How Pure and Still How pure and still are the solemn temples, In their strong solidity and minute completeness! Highly distinguished was Jiang Yuan, Of virtue undeflected. God regarded her with favour; And without injury ...

Clairemont still waits for Trader Joe's

In spite of local connection to Joe Coulombe, founder

On January 31, a lady walking her dog announced to me that "Trader Joe's is coming to Clairemont!" She said she knows someone that works for the Clairemont Town Square shopping center and that everything ...

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