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San Diego Marine pilots handicapped by tight airspace and ammo

Protection of endangered species, safety make training tougher

A formerly secret, still redacted Pentagon audit has revealed key "capability and capacity gaps" at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma across the state line in Arizona, the top desert training ground for Marine fighter pilots ...

Moshe Krafchow's plan to prevent San Diego wildfires

Get rid of the underbrush

When Moshe Krafchow talks about his novel approach to reducing the risk of fueling wildfires, he looks like a true believer. “The best thing we can do is work with the plants to get them ...

Everybody was Kung Fu drinking

You’re never too old to chase the bubble tea trend

It took family in town for me to catch on to how big boba has gotten. I’ve been walking around under the impression the bubble tea trend peaked 25 years ago. That’s when I recall ...

Ghost rider in Escondido

Why do they choose Mercedes-Benz?

On April 20, Jonathan W. from Clairemont saw a Facebook photo of a teenager climbing out of the sunroof of a Mercedes-Benz W210 in Escondido, while the vehicle “was going fast up a hill.” “They’ll ...

Campo –small town rich in drama

Naked monks, Tecate train, Luman gunfight, 2004 fire, sand trucks, selfish developers, Campo Diner, vigilante Minutemen

Complications of Tijuana to Tecate to Campo train Ten federal agents waiting at the railway museum are demanding that the train continue onto its last stop in Campo and be cleared through customs before anybody ...