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SD Symphony musicians slower than conductor Jahja Ling

Jan Lisiecki piano in Chopin’s concerto could have stood alone

The San Diego Symphony concert on Friday, April 12 felt slow and unsettled. I was surprised. In years gone by, the combination of conductor Jahja Ling, the San Diego Symphony, and Johannes Brahms, has been ...

Jerrie Cobb: the “her” in They Promised Her the Moon

Her 30 years of missionary work are the real story

Jerrie Cobb was an exceptional human being. So exceptional that her stress test scores exceeded those of the astronauts in the Mercury 7 Project. She is the “her” in They Promised Her the Moon. The ...

In defense of Susan Davis, in praise of Bruce Henderson

Does it take a very white voice to get cops to show up?

Easy cop trick About a letter by Joseph Carmellino (“Backyard Intrusions”, Letters, March 27). In his letter he says that “on several occasions I have had to call the cops. They showed up in force ...

Boeing Boeing, San Diego Guitar Festival, Cowles Mountain hike, Earth Day at Torrey Pines, Lilac Festival

Events April 18-April 24, 2019

Thursday | 18 Boeing Boeing It’s the 1960s and swinging bachelor Bernard couldn’t be happier: a flat in Paris and three gorgeous flight attendants all engaged to him without knowing about each other. But Bernard’s ...

Mayor Faulconer walking fine line between Trump lovers and haters

Will Patrick Soon-Shiong have the patience of Citizen Kane?

Faulconer’s two-faced fundraising San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer keeps punting questions about how he feels regarding fellow Republican Donald Trump, neatly sidestepping criticism or support for the president and his immigration crackdown. “I asked Faulconer ...

SDSU profs fight cuts to humanities

100 years of U.S. history in three units

Along with their general education courses, San Diego State undergraduates and all others of the Cal State University must take coursework in an area called “American Institutions.” The focus areas of this requirement, mandated by ...

Pablo Cantua rocks Antarctica!

“We zodiaked in to this protected island, surrounded by walls of glaciers and thousands of nesting penguins.”

Pablo Cantua picks up the phone. “Hey man: Want to play Antarctica? I can get you the gig.” “Antarctica? Haven’t heard of that bar.” “No man. Not a bar, the continent.” And so began the ...

Surfing owes a lot to Baja

Ensenada a mecca for board builders

The Baja Peninsula is a Rorschach test. Visitors see heaven or hell in an arid landscape. Three million-plus citizens see a homeland free of the congestion of their northern neighbors. Surfers see a crooked finger ...

Predicting waves and wars with Walter Munk

The New York Times called him the “Einstein of the Oceans”

My friend Joe and I are standing at the edge of the water on Coronado’s Central Beach. He’s a surfer. I’m a body surfer. “So do waves come in batches?” I ask him. “Can you ...

Is Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” a country song?

A battle between the hipster mentality and the establishment

Dear Hipster: Is “Old Town Road” a country song or not? WTF?! — D., Normal Heights At least a couple of times a year, somebody sends me what looks like a throwaway question, little more ...

Walk the Embarcadero along Harbor Drive and the airport

Stop at the Star of India, USS Midway Museum, Tuna Harbor, Marine Park and enjoy great views

San Diego Harbor not only bounds downtown to the west, it also marks the edge of a rich habitat. As you look out to the bay, you can see Coronado/North Island. Technically, the “island” is ...

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