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Money battle now favors SoccerCity foes

John Moores and allies help SDSU option

Since late August, more than $1.7 million has poured into the coffers of forces battling the takeover of city-owned Qualcomm Stadium by SoccerCity, a group of wealthy La Jolla investors who have a friend in ...

Bird lowers bounty price to $3

Will enough chargers boycott?

On September 19, some San Diego-based Bird chargers were surprised to open up their work app to a bunch of $3 Bird symbols. Adam, who catches about ten Bird motorized scooters a night by Pacific ...

Veterans for Peace hit roadblocks in third year

But claim some victories against Miramar Air Show

The Miramar Air Show, gearing up for its 65th year next weekend, is billed as the largest military-themed air show in the United States. For the last three years, a group of anti-war military veterans ...

Lobsters sigh as big goat caught

Bug-hunting season nears

Dock Totals Sept 16 – Sept 22: 5,465 anglers aboard 230 trips out of San Diego landings this past week caught 95 bluefin tuna, 13,530 yellowfin tuna, 8,624 skipjack tuna, 8 bigeye tuna, 351 dorado, ...

It’s not even that ugly

Imperfect delivery service cheapens produce, in a good way

Whether the farmers market or produce section at the supermarket, I have to admit to being a grabby shopper, always poking, pinching, and squeezing fruits and vegetables looking to uncover flaws. Because who wants flaws? ...

Skip Frye saw me and shaped me a board

Surfs better after move from Argentina

Name: Florencia Age: 39 From: La Jolla Interviewed at: Tourmaline Surf Park “I started surfing when I was a 23-year-old, but I got better when I moved to California from Mar De Plata, Argentina, because ...

San Diego surfers and shapers cast eyes on Lemoore

Bodyboarders next?

On the week of September 6-9, Coronado's Dan Mann and some of his buddies from Firewire Surfboards, trekked up to Lemoore to meet with World Surf League champion Kelly Slater — and their mutual friends. ...

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