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Calif. insurance department hits NRA with cease and desist

At issue: Carry Guard policy

The California Department of Insurance yesterday (September 11) issued a cease and desist order against the National Rifle Association (NRA). The association sponsors Carry Guard, which it describes as a “membership carry program” offering comprehensive ...

Where the decades sped

Three poems from Beowulf translator Timothy Murphy

Where the decades sped

Hybrid Mule in Pacific Beach

Good for breakfast, brunch, lunch and/or dinner

Hybrid Mule in Pacific Beach

Sushi and tacos, making whoopee

“You could really fill yourself for eight bucks, no problem.”

Sushi and tacos, making whoopee

September 6 Brainstorm Contenders

Joseph Ciprian, San Diego, 32. Robert Ott, Mira Mesa, 10. Randy Paddock, San Diego, 10. K.J. Rayner, San Diego, 10. Thomas McVeagh, Lakeside, 9. Johanna Barry, Pine Valley, 8. John Strauch, San Diego, 8. Martin ...

September 6 Sudoku Contenders

Elliot Rosenberg, La Jolla, 32. Isabella Bosch-Sorensen, San Diego, 28. Joseph Ciprian, San Diego, 28. Thomas LaFleur, San Diego, 28. Ralph Levy, La Jolla, 28. Randy Paddock, San Diego, 28. Sheila Brown, Golden Hill, 27. ...

September 6 Crossword Contenders

Joseph Ciprian, San Diego, 30. Martin Soblick, Del Mar, 29. Ron Meyer, Santee, 28. Jon Christianson, El Cajon, 26. Maria Coda, Oceanside, 26. Dennis Butterworth, San Diego, 25. (winner!) Richard Hutchings, Santee, 25. Evelyn Bowser, ...

Gun girl Garner

There must not have been enough zeros on the alimony check

Gun girl Garner

Whitney Shay shares thoughts on her "deeper rhythm and blues cuts"

Local singer spent six years contemplating her new album, A Woman Rules The World

Deeper cuts

Self-proclaimed “cholo goth”

Bells Atlas, Prayers, Goldfish, Kuinka

self-proclaimed “cholo goth”

Drink to your health

The chia has a bit of chew to it, with natural caffeine and omega-3’s

Drink to your health

In underpants and a jumbled falsetto

Some of Oxbow's studio albums have titles too offensive for print

Too offensive for print

Free hip-hop and BBQ

Hip-hop promotor celebrates 2-year anniversary of Skoolyard Records in Oceanside

Free hip-hop and BBQ

Kornhauser and Tordella welcome original jazz musicians to San Diego Sessions

Podcast guests span from the funky-pocket types to mainstream cats to the avant-garde

Collective super host

Let’s Be Friends

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