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U.S. audit hits Sheriff 's crime lab

Justice Department criticism released weeks after re-election

It cost taxpayers $92.6 million to build, but at least the San Diego County Sheriff's Department Regional Crime Laboratory — said by a recently released federal audit report to have experienced extensive security breaches at ...

Chinese food with Vietnamese subtitles

Super long menu covers at least three national influences

What do you order when there are 219 items on the menu? I should probably just ask the room. It’s the Monday lunch rush at Minh Ky Restaurant, a small Chinese joint in City Heights, ...

Citizens Trail and Black Gold Rd. - repeat rescues

False reports of water polo team and of Black's Beach lewdness

Aug 26 10:29 Medical: Lifeguards, Fire, and Medics respond to a man down on the Emerald Street stairs. Medics transport patient to Kaiser. 11:25 Medical: Lifeguards, Fire, and Medics respond to a fainting at Newport ...

No Smoking did some pool halls in

But Pockets, On Cue, College Billiards fight hipster trend

On September 8, I shot some pool with the recently crowned 2018 American Poolplayers Association Team Captains Champions — at Pockets Billiards & Brew in Kearny Mesa. The name of their San Diego-based team is ...

County pushes more density in rural San Diego

Persuasion meetings in Valley Center, Lakeside, El Cajon

The county board of supervisors has assigned their Planning & Development Services department to look to incorporated areas for housing development. County employees started the tour in August with a workshop at the county building ...

Look for the tinted windows

Gang members pulled over at Abbot and Newport

San Diego Police Officers arrested four individuals in Ocean Beach on Monday afternoon, after a routine traffic stop led to a known gang member fighting the sergeant and a loaded gun being recovered from the ...

Picked up 40 bricks in Chula Vista

Pulled over by border patrol on I-15

Carlos Enriquez told a detective that he was contacted by a person in Tijuana who told him, “He had a job for Enriquez.” Enriquez said he crossed the border into the United States, picked up ...

Just dinged my board of preference.

Tourmaline, La Jolla Shores too crowded

Name: Scott Age: 26 From: Mission Beach Interview: South Mission Beach Scott was heading to the showers. “There are beaches that don’t have good waves that I’ll always avoid. Tourmaline, that’s a combination of bad ...

I wasn’t the only one falling

Yoga on calm water in Sail Bay

Nicole Turner has been meeting with eight yoga students at Fanuel Street Park at 8 am. “There’s less activity on the water as far as boats and people,” she said, “the fewer waves, the easier ...

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