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Lost local bands of the 60s/70s - The Hard Times

Discovered by Dick Clark, produced by Mama Cass, gone after 1 album

From Dick Clark's TV show Where the Action Is to the Union Gap

San Diego’s poor pay 95% of family income for rent

Typical county household pays 40.3 percent

At a time when the current Washington D.C. administration is proposing deep cuts in housing welfare, the staggering rent costs for low-income San Diegans merits focus. According to a Zillow release this week, low-income San ...

If you want to get on the fast track...

Own a California pro sports team

There’s an old song, “Ya gotta be a football hero to get along with the beautiful girls.” The words are now being changed to “Ya gotta be a pro sports team owner to get your ...

Dem, GOP? It's the farmers market, stupid.

El Cajon, La Mesa blur party lines

Two East County cities are showing it’s possible to cross party lines to work on common goals. At the El Cajon City Council meeting August 14 Democratic activist Mark Lane apologized to the city of ...

Otto Preminger’s oeuvre!

Three of the director's choice films

Otto Preminger’s oeuvre

Nun better? Nun worse.

But The Nun will still probably top the rest of this week's new movie releases

A long time ago, a friend gave me a copy of Gerald Brittle's The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren, and warned me not to read it before going to sleep. I ...

Oak Park special

A good sandwich from a good place

I was just looking for a quick lunch on Labor Day, and found myself standing in a neighborhood market in Oak Park, the mostly residential neighborhood off highway 94 next to Chollas Creek. In the ...

Child witness: boyfriend behaved badly

Argument in Escondido apartment

An Escondido woman claimed that an argument about sharing costs of an apartment ended with her getting dropped on her head. The alleged fracas occurred three weeks ago, on August 13. Rochelle testified in a ...

A change in the aura of the world

Where the Yin and Yang were out of balance

A change in the aura of the world

DMV building doesn't fit the neighborhood

No more blare in Hillcrest from 1961-era project, please

The loudspeaker blasts go on all day, says Mary Alsop, who lives a half block from the Hillcrest Department of Motor Vehicles office. So when the DMV presented its proposed design for the replacement building ...