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Las Vegas makes it easier to defect to the Raiders

“Chargers fans are loyal to a certain point and then they give up”

On September 1, about “one thousand” Oakland Raiders fans rendezvoused at the Handlery Hotel in Mission Valley for the Raiders Fan Convention (RFC). Many of the black-and-silver adorned fans were more than welcoming to the ...

Water or sand in El Monte Valley?

How to use environmentalism to your advantage

After two years of delay, the County of San Diego just published a subsequent Environmental Impact Report and the reclamation plan for the sand mining project proposed for El Monte Valley in Lakeside. It all ...

Try areas 421 and 390

Fishing in San Diego Aug. 26- Sept. 1

Dock Totals Aug 26 – Sept 1: 5,769 anglers aboard 234 trips out of San Diego landings this past week caught 375 bluefin tuna, 6,262 yellowfin tuna, 7,672 skipjack tuna, 3 bigeye tuna, 776 dorado, ...

A beach sport for the elite

Real polo at the Hotel del Coronado

This weekend you can watch a sport played in the sand that you rarely get to see, polo, the sport of the elite. The Polo America Beach Polo Cup. No, this isn’t some frat-invented game ...