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Eastern Sierra not Eden

San Diego horse lover discovers bizarre crime

When former Allied Gardens resident, Shelly Snoderly, walked into the Big Pine Saddle Club early one morning, three months ago, she was upset to see the place had been ransacked. Saddles and tack were obviously ...

That time the affordable sushi didn't sell out

Prices already too good to be true

The man had a problem that I could help solve. And all I had to do was eat good, well-made sushi at a bargain price. I’d shown up to Yoshino Japanese Deli, late, like I ...


I-8 serves as landing strip

“Whohoo, this is f* gnarly,” exclaimed Zach Decker, 25 while driving his vehicle on I-8 West Friday (October 19) before noon and watching live how an airplane from the Gillespie Field Airport landed in front ...

What to do with bonito

Tax imposed on Guadalupe Island

Dock Totals Oct 14 – Oct 20: 4,339 anglers aboard 204 trips out of San Diego landings this past week caught 452 bluefin tuna, 9,469 yellowfin tuna, 3,806 skipjack tuna, 3 bigeye tuna, 766 dorado, ...

Fleet Week's celebration on Broadway Pier

Ship visits plus Notre Dame-Annapolis party

It was the water that brought them. Since the first forays of Europeans, San Diego’s natural harbor offered a strategic naval location. Silts carried by runoff and outflow from the inland mountains could not fill ...

In search of the green flash

From Sunset Cliffs, you use the viewfinder

Point Loma resident Chris Mannerino direct-messaged me on Instagram at 4 pm on October 5. “Do you want to shoot [the green flash] with me this evening at Sunset Cliffs at Froude Street, at around ...